A Year

Hard to believe that a year has passed since my last blog post. A lot has happened in those twelve months! Here’s a recap:

Last April: we closed on our Salt Lake house

May: Anna had hip surgery

June: John officially retired (his short-term disability ended as well as his job)

July: we moved to Oregon

August-December: we purchased an acre of property adjacent to our daughter, Morgan and her husband, Ryan; we researched wetlands and met with the state of Oregon to make certain that where and what we wanted to build would be legal; we fought red tape and blackberry bushes; we hired an architect to design our house and shop based on Anna’s sketches; we got all the necessary okays from Tillamook County and finally got our building/other permits.

January-April 2018: we hired 3 excavators—and finally found one who could do the job; we dug trenches for utilities, poured the foundation and stem walls for the house and shop.

More importantly, we celebrated John’s 72nd birthday, thanking God he is still active and pain-free. And alive.

What’s next? In the next couple weeks, we hope to get the flooring prepped and poured. After that, we wait for the frame- and truss-builders who should complete their work by the end of May. We hope.

We’ve learned to literally take one day at a time. Some days I’m not so good at it. After all, we’ve been in Oregon for nearly 10 months and all we have to show for it is outlines of concrete in grass. I am so very aware of the ticking clock and wonder if this house will be “ours” instead of just “mine.” Each time I throw questions into the sky, the same answer keeps coming back: “Trust Me.” Only God knows the future. Because of that truth, I remind myself that He cradles the present with loving hands. I know He cares for the minuscule concerns that keep me awake at night. I don’t need to try to figure everything out or plan for every contingency. All He asks me to do is keep trusting Him.

I’ve had a year to practice. Maybe someday I’ll get the hang of it.


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